Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Online Program any different from the face to face Program?

Both online and face 2 face programs follow the same procedure.The entire pattern remains the same as regular packages.

How Soon will I see Results?

Results’ is an ambiguous term in our dictionary. Just as eating wrong has an immediate effect on the body, so does eating correct. It might not be a measurable effect immediately but you will start feeling better, more energetic and shrunk within a week or two of following the diet and exercising. Weight loss or rather fat loss, is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. What we track are your efforts, results just follow.

I have tried a lot of diet programs how is this different from the other programs?

Our ideology is to help you evolve an eating pattern that fits into your work schedule and lifestyle so that there is no question of going “on” or “off” the diet. We work at educating our clients to understand their body’s requirements and to enable them to get in touch with their digestive system so that eventually they are able to evolve their own eating pattern, overcome the fears & myths associated with certain foods and are able to free themselves from the need to fit into a size or shape. Ours is a ‘get fit’ or a ‘lose fat’ program, not a ‘weight-loss’ one.

I travel a lot and sometimes work late or have shifts will the diet fit my lifestyle?

We will design an eating pattern that fits into your work schedule & lifestyle. If you do work in shifts (day & night), your meal plan will be tweaked depending on your nutritional requirements as per the work shifts and the availability and practicality of food choices. Most of our clients have travel as an essential part of their jobs. The diet plan will be designed keeping in tune with the lifestyle and job requirements you might have.

What Kind of Exercises are recommended?

Any form of exercise that challenges you and is an enjoyable experience. It could be strength training, running or Yoga and also recreational exercise like dancing, swimming, cycling, etc. You will also be educated on the basics of exercise physiology and bio-mechanics so that you have good fundamentals and can make intelligent choices in the future also.


  1. All taxes included. Rates are valid till 31st December, 2020
  2. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. The program can be paused only for 3 months after which it would be null and void.
  4. If you wish to restart the program after 4 months of pausing it is considered a new program and fee has to be paid again.