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Its been a while I was following the diet and for me its a miracle after seeing the results. With prior consultation, I was suffering from high triglycerides, over weight and anxieties. But after consulting Anitha, everything thing came under control within short period after following her diet and some other lifestyle changes according to her suggestions. I am very glad to say that I’ve had reduced 10 kgs in a healthy way. Thank you so much Anitha ma’am for your suggestions and replying for my silly doubts.- Vijay Bhaskar Naidu

Just when I thought I’ll never be able to loose weight being a hardcore food lover, she gave me a diet plan that was perfect. You loose weight by eating the right food not by starving. She’s pretty client centric and would respond all your questions no matter how stupid they might sound.I can’t thank her enough for the quality of service I received from her. She helped me loosing 9.7 kgs in 3 months which is something I never thought was possible. Keep up the good work Anitha.Thanks a lot again.- Pallabi Routray

She has been a constant support to me, i took the diet for 1 month and i lost the weight which i wanted to. I could not follow more because i am travelling but once i settle out i am planning to get in touch with the professional again soon. pricing was reasonable.- Anu Ravichandran

Thanks Mrs Anitha! Your advice and insight was invaluable in helping me chose my diet plan. she is very patient and professional. Though being a doctor myself and having consulted other nutritionists, I can say she is the best I have consulted. And it is not a statement, but I was critical over some suggestions she had made. But, like always she explained them to me in detail and convinced me. And she always promptly replies to the questions. you are covered on that front. A good nutritionist not only tells you what you should eat, but tells you what you shouldn’t. She does exactly that. Her simple and no nonsense approach is what I liked most. And when it comes to detail, she means business. She always explains everything in detail and also will substantiate with Research documents. Most valuable of them is her experience in the field. And testimony to that, I have lost 3.5 kilos over last 4 weeks. happy to have consulted her. Thanks Mrs Anitha.- Dr. Manu Shashank

 I have always been a fitness freak.Off late due to work pressure could not follow a diet pattern.Anitha has helped me get back my routine.I feel more energetic and have the stamina to take stress at work.Thank you anitha for all the support.-Harish Kumar

She understands my issue very patiently and helps me in all possible regards , so i am realy with her services.- Deepthi Sharma

I joined Anitha's program for weight-loss. I not only lost 5 kgs of weight in 2 months but also started sleeping better, constipation disappeared and digestion was better. Overall my mind and body was cleansed.Thank you anitha for the diet advice as well as wellness counselling-Amit Tyagi

Brilliant experience with Anitha. The consultation was very effective. She does a great job with her diet plans and amazing consultation.- Radha

Excellent Consultation. Ms Anitha provides amazing diet consultation, The plans are extremely flexible and effective- Pavan Kumar Jha

The weight-loss journey with Anitha, a holistic nutrtionist is a very different experience. Intially I was too sceptical about following the routine prescribed. However I was proven wrong very soon. I not only lost about 5 kgs in 3 months but also improved on my health overall. My energy levels were high through out the day and my indigestion issues were solved. The step by step changes has led to lifestyle change that is here to stay.Thank you for making me realise the importance of healthy eating. Krishna 

Thank you madam for helping me cope with the menopausal symptoms and see life after menopause in a positive way. The insights you gave me were very useful.- Radhika lokesh

The eye for detail was evident in the way she customized the diet plan as per my requirement.- Sharad Vatsey