Monsoon Blues!!


After the heat wave,monsoon brings the much awaited welcome relief. Monsoon is a season where our immunity is at all time low.The humidity in the atmosphere is usually high in this season, as a result the body’s digestive capability goes down.Dengue,malaria and typhoid are the most common diseases that affect us if we have a weak immune system.

The smell of Chai and Pakoda on a typical Monsoon evening is bliss. The rains cause havoc in our routine. Some like rains and some dislike them but irrespective of that we all hate to go out in Monsoon.Our bodies also change accordingly and our metabolism slows down. Those of you who hated the outdoor exercise routine will be happy to not go out. If such is the mood, how do we keep up with our weight-loss journey?

Some tips to keep you up with the exercise routine

  1. Stick to the same time that you would normally go to the gym or for your walks and dress the same way.
  2. If you have a flight of stairs walk up and down 10 times
  3. Yoga and breathing techniques can help you combat respiratory issues in monsoon.
  4. Few simple exercise equipment’s like dumbbells and  skipping rope can help maintain your routine in Monsoon.
  5. Simple stretch exercises like sit ups, knee bends, calf bends can keep you flexible.

Diet tips for Monsoon

  1. The body finds it harder to digest food in the monsoon hence eat light.
  2. Ginger, pepper, garlic, jeera other spices will help you improve digestion.
  3. Moong dal can be a better alternative as it digests easily
  4. Drink boiled water as water borne diseases are easily contracted in Monsoon
  5. Non vegetarians choose a lean meats.

Preferably consume seasonal fruits and vegetables

Fruits: Litchi, Cherries, Plum,Peaches and Jamun

Vegetable: Bottle Gours(Lauki), Bitter gourd (karela), Snake gourd(turi), yam,cluster beans,pointed gourd.

Enhance immunity by eating more green leafy vegetables, whole fruits, foods rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and B12.

2 things you should Include in your diet this monsoon are hot homemade soups and herbal teas.

Foods you can avoid this monsoon seafood, juices and raw foods.

Enjoy your Monsoon and Stay Healthy!!