Beauty – Not Skin Deep

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical”. – Sophia Loren

The Beginning of the month marks Grocery & cosmetics Shopping ( One of my favorite activities 🙂 ). As I walked through the aisle of the supermarket I noticed a whole section dedicated to Anti-Aging products. Women especially in their late 30’s were all there comparing the best products to keep their skins glowing,hair and nails stronger. The number of choices available  amazed me and I decided to check it out. I was surprised at what I found.

Being a woman myself the fascination to have flawless skin, stronger hair and beautiful nails is known to me. The world of advertisements have given us enough knowledge about hair and skin. So even a 3 year old kid knows hair and skin is made up of protein called Keratin along with Collagen.Our nails are also made up of the same material. Most of the top brands that claim to have keratin extracts for keeping the hair, skin and nails strong end up working on the surface level. Which means it does not penetrate through our skin where it will actually work.Choose any brand the action is only on the exterior and has no long-lasting effects.

Next the creams for skin. You get face creams,body lotions,night cream, anti-aging cream, day cream, sunscreen lotion, under eye creams and what not.If you have any two of the products I suggest you see the list of ingredients. The shocking truth is they all are made of 95% of the same components and only 5% of some other component. Instead of buying 10 different creams we might as well buy one. Not only save money but save our skin as well.

The big question so what do we do to have flawless skin, stronger nails and hair. Eat a balanced Diet,keep yourself well hydrated and Include these in your diet

1. Protein:lean meats, chicken, seafood, legumes,eggs and dairy products

2.Omega fatty acids: tuna, salmon and sardines and for vegetarians please supplement yourselves with omega fatty acids

3.Iron & vitamin C: legume, red meat,citrus fruits,capsicum

4.Nuts:for essential fatty acids

5.Beta Carotenes:carrot,watermelon,tomatoes.

6.Vitamin D:cheese,beef, mushrooms and plenty of sunlight.

Beauty is surely from within.Don’t look for quick fixes look for long-term solutions.

Eat Healthy! Stay Healthy!


4 responses to “Beauty – Not Skin Deep”

  1. shilpaanand avatar

    Could you suggest what care I need to take to control frizzyness in my hair?

    1. anithanarayanamurthy avatar

      Frizzy hair might be indicating lack of enough protein content in food, vitamin deficiencies like Vitamin A, E and beta-carotene,iron and also micro minerals like zinc. The best way is to include lots of different colored fruits and vegetables and also supplementation.

  2. shilpaanand avatar

    Could you suggest what care to be taken for frizzy hair?

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    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.